We now host two separate Mid Lane coaching platforms. MLA and MLA+.

The Mid Lane Academy aims to streamline the journey from lvl 30 to Emerald 4.

The Mid Lane Academy PLUS helps people climb from Emerald 4 to Challenger

The Longest Standing Mid Lane Coaching Platform In The World

Established in 2020 with over 6000 reviews completed, The Mid Lane Academy is the fastest and most effective way to reach Master tier as a mid laner.


The Mid Lane Academy is ONLY for mid laners. I have dedicated the last 4 years to ONLY coaching mid laners full time from all servers and all ranks.
We are currently at ~4000 VODS inside the MLA.

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Why Does Climbing As A Mid Laner Feel So Hard...

So many things can go wrong with your Mid journey, I guarantee you’ve all had one or MORE of the following problems:
😑I feel like a fundamentally coinflip player, some games I do well and others I chain die
😑I don’t even know how to begin to learn my matchups
😑I feel like I’m never able to translate leads properly
😑I don’t know where to be on the map in mid game, nor do I know how to side lane
😑I don’t know how to review my games properly
😑I don’t feel strong even when I get ahead
😑I don’t know how to roam, and when I do I always lose my tower
😑I don’t know who to have in my champion pool and how many champions I should play

The list goes on…

Without A Process Oriented Approach You Are Not Going Far...

In the Mid Lane Academy we have seen it all. Problems you have been trying to figure out for months or years, can be solved in weeks due to our extensive resources library and hands on coaching approach. Here are just a few articles to name a few:
βœ…’Reviewing 101 With Coach Curtis’
βœ…’Champion Pool Fundamentals + Reflection Exercise’
βœ…’The Lost Art Of Understanding Matchups’
βœ…’Balancing Side Laning & Farming With Grouping’
βœ…’Win Conditions Explained’
βœ…’Threat Assessment Fundamentals’
βœ…’What Is A Process & What Is A 3 Block?’

If your problem is too complex for one of our articles, you can post your specific problem in our Discord channel #vod-questions and a coach will directly have it answered for you THAT DAY.

Not to mention the daily coaching we run tailored for North America, European and Oceanic time zones.

"Curtis’ coaching style stands out by treating each student individually while connecting common issues throughout the different ranks. It does not matter if you play an assassin in Gold 3 or a mage in Platinum 4, there is always something you can learn from watching other players. Combine that with a community where everyone has the same goal and supports each other by giving insight, doing 1v1s or deal with problems outside the game and you get the perfect platform to improve the most natural way with your own pace."
Gold 1 to Plat 1
"After having my first coaching session with Curtis I noticed how great Midlane academy would be for me. Curtis pointed out things and patterns in my games that I didn't see when reviewing them alone. What really stood out to me was the way Curtis coaches his clients. He knows everyone personally and he takes the time to answer everyone's questions. Moreover, he is a critical coach, but a positive one. The best thing about his style of coaching is that you feel eager to improve after having a session with him."
Master to GM
"When I came to the MLA, I was stuck in high plat with a lot of issues not actually related to my game understanding, but how I approached my life in general. It ended up being far more helpful then I ever imagined, and I learned many useful skills from Curtis that I could use for anything in my life, including how to learn in general and how to hold a strong mentality! ! In the 7 months I've been in the MLA so far, I've gone from bouncing around in high plat to doing amazingly well in masters and well on track to reach my goals."
Plat to Master

What Happens When You Sign Up?

1) When you purchase either membership you will be asked to set up your login details first.
2) You will get access to the site where all of the content is stored.
3) You will then get access to the private Discord community and given a role that unlocks each of the channels.
4) You will then be directed to start “Your First Month” which outlines the best way to get maximum ‘value’ during your first month in the program.
5) You will then be able to start attending our daily coaching sessions or simply spectate others getting coached.
6) You will also be able to message me (Coach Curtis) directly if you have any questions at all, whether it be regarding problems you’ve been having with your games, or even champion pool questions etc.
7) If you have any problems during your time in the program, you will be able to ask myself or any of the admins for assistance.

If you are unsure if you are aligned with the ‘MLA League Philosophy’, click the button below to get an in-depth look into OUR philosophy on the game.

If you are looking to climb from Iron to Emerald in a fast but fundamentally sound approach, then the MID LANE ACADEMY is for you.

If you are looking to climb ABOVE EMERALD in an effective and practical way, then the


I’m Curtis Morgan, founder of the Mid Lane Academy. Challenger player for the past 10 years.

I coached professionally between the years of 2017-2019 for Dire Wolves. We ended up going to MSI and Worlds in 2018 and 2019, travelling the world to compete. I moved on from Esports to start a Mid Lane coaching platform.

For the last 4 years I’ve been refining my craft and finding out the most effective way to teach the Mid Lane role right from Level 30 to Challenger.

My approach centers around champion mastery, fundamentals and equipping the client with the skills to learn ON THEIR OWN. What differentiates me from other coaches is my understanding of the psychology behind performing and improving. My goal is to ensure the client not only climbs, but does so in a sustainable and replicable way.

My name is Tim Vaarties, Coach of the Mid Lane Academy. Hitting Challenger on EUW.

I’ve been coaching League of Legends for the past 2 years, mentored by Curtis himself. I have had a lot of success getting clients to their desired rank from level 30 to Challenger. Not only have I done individual coaching for the last 2 years, I have also been part of playing in and coaching several ERL teams.

My coaching style can be described as a balance of supplying clients with new information while asking the right questions to make them figure out concepts themselves. My goal is to make the client a better player on the rift and outside of it.

Hello everyone, my name is Ajay (Also known as just Aj or Ahj), and I’m a coach in the MLA! I Peaked 1050 LP Challenger in Season 12 and maintained that rank throughout Season 13 as well. Originally I started as a Yone one trick, but later started playing new champions, now I play competitive and have played against academy and pro level mids: including ‘Young’ who won academy last year [in NA].

I’ve been a coach for the last 6 months, and trained by Curtis. A lot of people have had success with my coaching due to my visual style in which I show concrete examples of fundamentals talked about within the MLA.

The way I coach focuses on specific ability usage, how to anticipate and play fights/skirmishes, and focusing on resource gathering to build leads. Additionally, I focus heavily on the mindset and underlying decision making. My goal is for clients to understand how to pilot their champion to the maximum, gather leads for themselves, and carry with the right mindset and fighting prowess.

3 Pillars Of The MLA

COACHING : Daily coaching ran by me Coach Curtis and the other coaches

COMMUNITY : The backbone of the MLA is the Discord community, where we all discuss/learn from each other

CONTENT : The MLA site filled with resources and coaching VODs

Here is an example of a classic review with a MLA client

Reviews CAN cover the following:
1) Mindset/process/relationship with game
2) Relationship with solo queue & mindset
3) Knowledge gaps / champion mastery