The Mid Lane Academy is ONLY for mid laners. I have dedicated the last 3 years to ONLY coaching mid laners. We are currently at ~4000 VODS inside the MLA.

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"Curtis’ coaching style stands out by treating each student individually while connecting common issues throughout the different ranks. It does not matter if you play an assassin in Gold 3 or a mage in Platinum 4, there is always something you can learn from watching other players. Combine that with a community where everyone has the same goal and supports each other by giving insight, doing 1v1s or deal with problems outside the game and you get the perfect platform to improve the most natural way with your own pace."
Gold 1 to Plat 1
"After having my first coaching session with Curtis I noticed how great Midlane academy would be for me. Curtis pointed out things and patterns in my games that I didn't see when reviewing them alone. What really stood out to me was the way Curtis coaches his clients. He knows everyone personally and he takes the time to answer everyone's questions. Moreover, he is a critical coach, but a positive one. The best thing about his style of coaching is that you feel eager to improve after having a session with him."
Master to GM
"When I came to the MLA, I was stuck in high plat with a lot of issues not actually related to my game understanding, but how I approached my life in general. It ended up being far more helpful then I ever imagined, and I learned many useful skills from Curtis that I could use for anything in my life, including how to learn in general and how to hold a strong mentality! ! In the 7 months I've been in the MLA so far, I've gone from bouncing around in high plat to doing amazingly well in masters and well on track to reach my goals."
Plat to Master

3 Pillars Of The MLA

COACHING : Daily coaching ran by me Coach Curtis

COMMUNITY : The backbone of the MLA is the discord community, where we all discuss/learn from each other

CONTENT : The MLA site filled with resources and coaching VOD’s

Here is an example of a classic review with a MLA client

Reviews CAN cover the following:
1) Mindset/process/relationship with game
2) Relationship with solo queue & mindset
3) Knowledge gaps / champion mastery