How To Join

The Mid Lane Academy is a closed community with a LIMITED number of slots

Because it is a closed community, I have decided to release slots slowly over time through a wait list
This is done for a few reasons:

  1. So that each and every members voice is heard, we want to make sure we get to know each others unique problems so that we can have high quality discussion

  2. Not to saturate the platform so that your chances of getting a review done personally by me is very high

  3. To make sure each person knows their way around the platform without getting confused

How Each Opening Works

  1. After you join the waitlist, you will receive an email saying you have successfully joined the wait list

  2. A couple of days before the next opening you will receive an email with a date and time.

  3. You will purchase your MLA membership and secure your spot.

If you are on the wait list you will be notified of the next opening via email.

Mid Lane Academy Membership

Monthly Payment
$ 30 USD/mo
  • Daily Coaching sessions
  • VOD library
  • Resources library
  • 1v1 Dojo
  • MLA 2 Week Challenges

Frequently Asked Questions

“Do I need to pay straight away during the opening registration form, or after I’ve signed up?”

During the opening, as the slots are being filled, you will need to pay within that registration/sign up form. Both Credit Card and Paypal are accepted.

Is the wait list free?”

Yes, it is completely free. You will only be charged when you decide to join on an opening day.

“What if I miss an opening?”

As long as you are on the wait list, you will be notified when the next Mid Lane Academy opening is.

“What if I decide to cancel my MLA membership?”

You are free to cancel whenever you choose to do so, but remember getting results doesn’t happen overnight!