Leblanc vs. Yasuo (Win)

– In this VOD review I had the opportunity to work with our first LB player in the MLA.
– Because this was at Gold 4 elo, I had quite a few concerns around the early laning. This is what we covered:
1) The importance of keeping the wave on your side and communicating with the jungler when they can gank. This communication should be done in the form of pings, but even short little sentences are suffice.
2) How using Q to bait out the wind wall is crucial, as well as the importance of doing ‘bait trades’, in order to bait out key abilities THEN follow up with the all-in trade while the enemy has no CD’s
3) How to properly use ‘E’. You can often tell how good a Leblanc player is by how well they use their ‘E’. (This was the major learning objective)
4) Importance of doing E-R combo
5) What makes up a good quality trade (wave state, skill shot accuracy, order of abilities, aggressive posturing)
– Overall I recommend that this Leblanc focus most of his time on his trading, and this would be best improved upon through the use of a 1v1 partner.