Orianna vs. Katarina (Win)

– This Orianna actually had great Q accuracy, range assessment and overall tethering, as well as having great reset timer assessment. On the flip side, there were quite a few errors made when it came to understanding how to be a high impact player and really abusing the strengths of Orianna’s kit as well as the fundamentals of versing Katarina. This is what I covered:
1) Internalizing the small wins mindset when playing Orianna, and understanding the theory behind this
2) Importance of maintaining pressure, and the difficulties that stem from this which are ultimately solved through great warding/leaning and aggressive posturing
3) Using Ultimate for chunks in lane to get control
4) Importance of maintaining wave control/priority/tempo over the Katarina to ensure she doesn’t roam.
5) How the bouncing blades function
– Overall this was a great review for anyone to watch if they want to learn more about the fundamentals of Orianna, as well as versing Katarina with a control mage.