Yes, that is the same Coach Curtis... WITHOUT THE BEARD!

You may ask, who the hell is Coach Curtis and why do I see him on my Youtube feed all of the time? Well here is a little bit about my background…

I have been playing League since Season 1, slowly making my climb up to Diamond in Season 3 and Challenger in Season 4, staying challenger ever since. It wasn’t until 2014 where I played as a pro Mid laner for Dire Wolves.

Becoming a Head Coach

In 2017 I decided to step away from my professional career and became the Head Coach of the Dire Wolves. I was then fortunate enough to lead this team to 4 consecutive OPL titles, and had the opportunity to travel the world, attending:

– MSI 2017 & 2018 as the OCE representative
– Worlds 2017 & 2018 as the OCE representative

Becoming the Mid Lane Coach

After my 3 years as a Head Coach at the pro level, I decided to move on and share the knowledge I had compiled not only as a coach but as a Challenger solo queue mid laner with the rest of the League community.

In November 2019 I made my Youtube channel ‘Coach Curtis’, and ended up pursuing a career as a pure Mid Lane coach.

Since then, I have coached 100s of clients, helped 1000s of people reach their ranked goals and have committed myself to becoming the best Mid Lane coach in the world.

Now I have decided to go deeper on my coaching and create the Mid Lane Academy so I can help more people climb the solo queue ladder.

The Broken by Concept Podcast

I also do a weekly podcast called ‘Broken By Concept’ with Nathan Mott, where we share our philosophies on the game and talk about how to become a better player.

You can listen to all the episodes on your favourite platform below.