The Mid Lane School is a separate coaching program for BELOW GOLD players

Frequently Asked Questions

“How is the school different to the academy?”

The Mid Lane School is focused on teaching the BASE LINE fundamentals of the game that are required to reach Gold in the most efficient way possible. Therefore, 1 on 1 coaching is less important and it’s more about ‘group classes’. It is also significantly CHEAPER than the MLA.

“Do I still get access to the MLA resources?”

You will get access to a separate discord and separate part of the website (unique resources/VODS), but will NOT get access to the VOD library and resources section of the MLA.

“If I reach Gold inside the MLS, will I have to rejoin the waitlist to join the MLA?” 

If you get to Gold within the MLS, you will automatically get transferred to the MLA and skip the queue.