The 'Mid Lane Academy +' is a community that is centered around helping mid laners achieve their ranked goals

The ‘MLA+’ is for Platinum+, whereas the MLA is for BELOW Platinum.

Daily VOD Reviews

5 days a week I do hold coaching sessions for members of the Mid Lane Academy. These sessions are broken up into coaching sessions for , Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Master+ players. Everyone in the program is able to attend each session. These sessions cater for European, North American as well as Asia/Oceanic time zones.

All of the coaching sessions from the Mid Lane Academy are recorded and uploaded into a library where you can navigate via rank OR champion.

Outside of the raw VOD reviews, there is over 100 articles on things ranging from understanding win conditions, to understanding TP, to how to 3 stack waves, the list goes on.

Coaching & Content Library

Mindset & Process Resources

As we all know there is much more to climbing in solo queue than just raw game knowledge. I’ve gone ahead and taken the time to write & record numerous articles/videos on what I call ‘stage 4’ problems. These are the issues that are usually relating to mindset/relationship with the game. No matter how severe your stage 4 problems are, there will be something for you that will help.

Being a part of the Mid Lane Academy means to surround yourself with like minded individuals who want to be a better version of themselves in and out of game. The discord is where we hang out, have conversations about the game and share problems & solutions with each other. There is also a specific thread for EACH champion in the MLA to discuss champion specific related topics.


Ask Questions

If you need questions answered, we have a specific channel in the discord where you can clip your gameplay and ask a specific question about THAT play and we will answer it for you.

Alternatively if you have a ‘written’ question you can @ me directly or ask many of the other high level players/coaches in the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How do the coaching sessions work?"

People join the discord voice channel at the allocated time. I will then start selecting people who have POV VOD’s prepared. These have to be recorded and uploaded to a Youtube channel for me to access. I will then proceed to share my screen and either go over the specific areas you want help with, or if unsure, the VOD at my own pace. I will continue to do as many coaching sessions during this allocated time as possible, each being recorded and uploaded to the VOD library.

"What if I work full time and can only play limited hours?"

All coaching sessions are recorded and uploaded to the VOD Library, even if you can’t make a session, you will still be able to watch other players of the same rank be coached by me even on the same champion. 

“What if I am silver or below, can I still join?”

I now have a below Platinum program, I’d recommend entering this program so that we can build up your game understanding from scratch and cover the fundamentals.

“What if I live in a different time zone and want to be coached by you?”

I will be conducting coaching sessions at differing times throughout the week to cater for multiple time zones. A schedule will be available in the members area that outlines what times of the day coaching sessions are being run throughout the week.